MCAT prep


I am a non-traditional student who wants to take the MCAT in September, 2008. I am starting my prep this May with PR. My problem is that the last time I attempted the MCAT was 2004 so I am a little concerned on how to to make the best out of the prep program. I am a mom of two (21 mths & 2 wks old), happily married, just completed my MPH degree and currently a stay-at-home mom while searching for a job.

I would like tips on how to organize myself so that I can get very good MCAT scores for med school. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I can’t give you much advice on studying for the MCAT since I’m still planning out getting my prereqs done. However, this may be more appropriate and you may get more feedback if you post this in the MCAT forum. In any case, study hard and good luck!


Please take a moment to thoroughly read & reread the multitude of posts on this topic in the MCAT forums. You will find a wealth of info there.