MCAT Private Tutor

I have had a lot of trouble with the MCAT and I think that’s what’s holding me back with respect to admissions.

Does anyone know of any good MCAT tutors in the Washington DC metro area?


I don’t know anybody personally, but every commercial TEST PREP company like Kaplan or PR advertise private tutors as one the options they offer. It would be a good way to start.

I would imagine this will be a very costly MCAT preparation.

Before you sign up for that think why you had ‘a lot of trouble’ with the test before. If you don’t identify your problem, even 10 tutors won’t help you. You have to analyze what didn’t go well, and why id didn’t. Didn’t you put enough time in studying? Maybe you didn’t take enough practice exams? Did you have trouble understanding science concepts? etc… Then you’ll have come up with a plan how to address each problem specifically, and how a tutor would become a part of it.

When you treat the whole thing like that, it might turn out that you really don’t need a tutor.

My 2 cents.


Good luck on figuring it all out. And “amen” to what Kasia said.

The MCAT requires a little special attention. To start off with, the attitude that most pre-meds have about the MCAT needs to be changed. Stop calling it “The Beast”. This is negative thinking. This will only make it harder for you to sit and study because you do not want to deal with negativity.

If you start by thinking of the MCAT as the key to medical school, you will be more apt to preparing for it and doing well.

Second, if you already took the MCAT once and did not do well, review the entire day from the time that you woke up until the time that you left the exam. That way to you pinpoint where the problem was.

Try this before you start spending more than $1000 on a private MCAT tutor because that is what they run these days.

Really? People refer to it as the beast?

I flat out asked my friend when she thought I should start preparing for it since she’s a ped and got into my dream school w/ ease.

She said “Don’t. Study well in the classes you are enrolled in now and remember what you learned.”

Good advice here, from all posters (except my simple dittos, haha). Definitely one of the keys, as boobs said, is to focus on understanding your coursework as you go through it.

One other thing that also helped me:

A lot of people look at the MCAT as a science test. It’s not.

It’s a critical thinking test, using the language of science.

Did you ever find a tutor? Are you still studying for the MCAT? I’m also studying for the mcat and in the DC area. If you’re interested in studying together, let me know. I’m getting frustrated with these EK 1001 questions!!!