MCAT Progress

Well, my MCAT studying has been VERY weak.I have been occupied with organic II, and now am beginning to fret a bit. I just bought the EK Audio Osmosis CDs to listen to while driving in the car… so maybe I can get an extra 15-20 hours of MCAT concepts before the actual test. How is everyone else doing??
Salsa Kim

I haven’t been studying as intensely as I feel I should. But, I’m getting to it for a few hours every night. I’ll be taking aamc IV this saturday to check my progress, since its been 2 or 3 weeks since my first practice exam. I really hope to see a significant improvement in my score over the 1st exam. I feel like i’ve made strong progress in verbal (surprise, surprise!), but not much headway with physics/chemistry, Bio has always been relatively strong for me. I fear the physical section is going to be my achilles heel.
I’m going to try to do at least one practice exam a week from now until the mcat.
You’ll be happy with audio osmosis. Especially the organic, they have a very creative approach to presenting it, and it really holds your attention. Just be warned, without visuals, sometimes it requires some “mental gymnastics” to stay with them, but, that is really due to the visual nature of organic chem.
Well, back to the books. Good luck to you and all OPM’s

Well, I have decided NOT to retake the MCAT this August. I simply don’t feel prepared. My GPA and cum. GPA are actually better than I had thought, and I think everything will even itself out okay. I just received the MCAT Audio Osmosis tapes and paid for them (non-refundable)…grrr. So, if anyone wants to purchase them from me, email me! Unfortunately, I am a poor pre-med student and I can’t donate the $$ to OPM… but hey, when I’m a doc just think of all the dollars I can give this organization! smile
So… any EK Audio Osmosis takers? If so, email me…
Salsa Kim

:D ???

Hey Salsa Kim!
Have you heard anything from TCOM regarding early acceptance yet?
Jeff in Seattle :)

Hey Jeffers,
Thanks for asking! Today I spent the day at TCOM going to an all-day info session. It was awesome and I enjoyed it completely. Early decision deadline is August 1st. After that, hopefully I will receive an invite to interview. The committee makes their decisions at the end of September and I guess I'd know something on or before October 1st.
During the info day, we were able to ask questions to some of the adcoms. I found it very encouraging (they really ARE real people just like me and you!) and I felt that the best thing for me to do is to NOT retake the MCAT in August (since I have had very little study time) and spend my time concentrating on Organic II (the class I am currently taking).
Once you get in the door and invited to an interview at TCOM, the interviewers do not receive your stats… only your personal statement, secondary application and supplemental form. I really wouldn't have to explain WHY I wasn't retaking the test… and pray that my GPA gets me in the door. I was excited when I found out that my science GPA and non-sceince GPA were both much higher than I had originally anticipated… so I hope that it means I am a stronger candidate than I thought!
So, I'll just keep on praying and trusting God's timing is perfect. In the meantime, I may just sell my MCAT brand new EK audiotapes that I bought 2 days ago (before I decided NOT to take the MCAT again) and maybe some of my new EK books. It's kinda too bad though b/c I really like their system and think I had the potential to score much higher using their strategies… if only I had the time to p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e them!
So, with MCAT presently off my back, I am breathing a sigh of relief and continuing onward on my TCOM journey! The more often that I go to TCOM, the more I want to go there… if thats even possible. All the people (and I mean ALL) are just so awesome and student-oriented. ALL the students that I have met are VERY pleased with their school… But I am so impatient. I wish I were entering NOW!
Any more thoughts about moving to TX and attending UTA???
Salsa Kim

Hey Kim,
Glad to hear you are doing well! I think you made the correct decision by not taking the August MCAT! Based upon everything I have previously heard regarding the MCAT, if a person feels they are not ready for the exam they should not take it. Worst case scenario you take the April exam for the next application cycle. It's only a difference of a few months! However, if you are accepted at TCOM the whole MCAT issue is moot!
As for my Texas adventure…I'm going to be taking a trip down in September/October for an exploratory look around. The company I'm currently working for has a large presence in Richardson(Dallas) and Houston so I'm exploring the possibility transferring down to one of those locations. We'll see what happens…
It sounds like you had a wonderful experience during your TCOM visit. From what I heard at the OPM convention it's a great place! During my visit this fall I'm planning on scheduling a stop at TCOM.
I can certainly imagine how excited/anxious/impatient a person can become waiting for the application/interview cycle to finally come to an end. Hang in there Kim…good things are on the horizon!
Enjoy your vacation from the dreaded MCAT!
Jeff in Seattle

Hey Jeff,
I wrote about TCOM's info day in the student diaries if you are interested in specifics ( I HIGHLY recommend that you spend a day with a student when you go, as well as make an appt. to see Jane Anderson to discussion your application. Of course, we'll have to get together for some salsa!!!
Salsa Kim

Kim–what was your MCAT score? I am wondering if your science gpa is average (3.5) what score would you advise retaking it? I feel like I might have done better but was told that anything over 29 was okay… Do you agree? wink.gif

The above ques is for anyone, BTW which is-- when should you retake MCAT?
or what is an okay score for a good chance of getting accepted?

I’ve known people to get in with a 25 and people to get turned down with a 29. It’s really tough to say what’s “good enough” and what clearly says, "You gotta take it again."
I think if I got a 25-27 or thereabouts, I’d go ahead with my application but would also plan to retake. But that is a gut feeling, not based in any sort of science.
when I took it a few years ago, there was a chart in the test information booklet showing your chances of improving your score based on what you earned the first time around - this would be a handy guide to help you decide about re-taking. If you got a 9 or better on a section, it is much harder to improve on that performance with a retake.
This is just my .02 and, like I said before, definitely not scientific! And I cringe at the thought of taking it again, and feel the pain for anyone who’s contemplating it.