Just got a heads-up that there’s an MCAT question bank available from kaplan. Which, according to them "allows you to design your own practice tests from over 1,000 Verbal Reasoning, Biological Science and Physical Science practice questions. Evaluate your skills and get individual test analysis with our performance feedback feature."
Here’s the link
Just thought I’d share.


While I haven't used their MCAT QBank, I did use their pencil & paper practice tests and thought they were incredibly useful. I'm using their Step I QBank right now (or will be in about 5 minutes) adn I love it. It and First Aid are my bibles.
If their MCAT version is anything like either their paper tests or their Step I QBank, I would certainly recommend it as a must have.
Take care and good luck!
Jeff Jarvis, MS-II

Thanks, I'm going to sign up for the $139 three month, I let you know how I like it, I've been looking for something like this to practice with!!!

And let me tell you all here that I just got word this week from Kaplan that they will be donating a 3-month MCAT and a 3-month USMLE (Step 1 or 2) QBank for our raffles at the conference! So, if you haven't registered yet, do so now. And don't forget to make your reservations at the Crystal City Marriott. They were kind enough to extend our reduced rate room charge until next Tuesday, May 13, at 5 p.m. eastern. So if you're going to come, make that reservation now!!!

Well, I'd recommend everyone NOT to participate in the MCAT Q bank. I've only worked on it about 3 days, and I've already run out of Biological sciences questions?!? I called the rep, and turns out, there's less than 100 or so total biological science questions, and they don't know if more will be added. So, this is a new service, it may get better, but at this time it's not worth it, so I cancelled. They'd only refund 90% of my money, even though I've used it 3 days (of the 3 months I've paid for).
Anyway, just to let others know, save your money, there's not that many questions like in some of there other resources.

Wow! I hate to hear that…I used Q-bank to prep for the USMLE Step 1 (as did Nat Belle) and found it to be superb! With that service there was like 3 or 4 thousand questions available with around half of them be cycled through each month. Of all the materials I used for Step 1 - by a large margin, this was the best approximation of the real thing.
There was no such animal waaaaaaay back when I was prepping for the MCAT…still used a stylus, small hammer and limestone biggrin.gif