MCAT Question once a day, every day.

I’m Mike, a pre-med student at UF, and just started a website called MCAT Question of the Day , to help pre-med students study for the MCAT.

I started it a few days ago, and my goal is to use the site as a learning tool for both myself and other pre-med students around the nation.

Do you guys have any suggestions for improvements to the site? Any thing I should change?

Thanks so much,



  1. Where are the questions from? are you creating them or are u getting them from another source?

  2. Is this a personal blog site or are you planning to develop it into something more

  3. Tell us your premed background; are you a non traditional student?

Hey gonnif,

I just reference what I’m studying and make a question out of it off the top of my head. I just made the site to help myself and others study for the MCAT. I’m also just a regular premed undergrad, nothing special here.