MCAT registration

MCAT registration is up and running, it is for real now…

Too bad we don’t have a smilie for nervously biting our nails! blink.gif laugh.gif
Guess I better dig around in the sofa cushions for some money to register!

Dang and did you get the pleasure of filling out this huge questionaire (sp?)?

Yeah! What was up with that questionnaire? I felt like I was taking a Myers-Briggs.

good luck everyone registering for the beast this april! I remember when I registered for this thing it was quite a surreal feeling - like somehow after all these evening classes, juggling work, class and volunteer work, yes I was FINALLY going to do this - it was actually becoming real! So yes, the MCAT may be scary, but remember to enjoy the small victories along the way too - you’ve come a long way to get to this point wink.gif
good luck everyone!

Thanks! those words sure help when you are knee deep in MCAT prep and you cannot see the forest for the trees…

By far the best words I heard about the MCAT were from a sister non-trad who wrote that her BEST pre-med experience was "taking the MCAT. I lived for the moment! I couldn’t believe I had made it that far."
I am probably not getting her words exactly right, but it’s the sense of it that I hope I am conveying at least just a little. Yes, the MCAT is a ghastly test. But walking into that test means that you have busted your butt studying, that you have taken a LOT of classes and done well, and that you have the confidence and conviction to say, “I am going to be a damn good physician in a few years.”
Hold onto that picture of the MCAT’s significance, and you’ll feel a lot better. It was a huge thrill to take the MCAT - you know how you’ve had some minor (or major) thrills along the way when you’ve gulped and told someone, “Actually, I’m planning to apply to medical school.”? Well, the MCAT is a big, symbolic, meaningful step toward that goal. Enjoy it for that - and I really do mean it.
My MCAT application was actual paper with a stamp - which meant I paid for it with a check. When my cancelled check came back from the bank, I kept it visible on my desk while I studied. I’m actually not a person who’s very much into ritual, but there were a lot of steps in the application process that I memorialized in some way, thanks to my friend’s comments about living “in the moment.” I’m glad I did - it really enhanced the adventurous aspect!
Looks like it’s time for me to start saying, “You OWN the MCAT.” I’ll try and polish up my speech soon, I promise!

Yeah, I registered for the MCAT last night! biggrin.gif blink.gif
It’s like you guys have said, I’m so pleased to have this major hurdle right in front of me at long last! How many years have I been saying I want to go to med school but… Now I’m telling people I’m applying to med school this year!
Ooh, gotta go study!