MCAT Retake

I apologize up front if this thread is out there and I have just not found it yet, but I took the MCAT Aug 2006 got a 27Q and retook it May 2007 and even after 3 months of prep, I got a 26O. i was shocked, thought about rescoring it, because I got 30s on my practice tests. I studied mainly physics though and my verbal went down (I think being electronic didnt help that).

I received an email from EVMS asking if I planned to retake the MCAT in 2007 and suggested that I do to maintain a competitive edge. I was counseled not to retake because it will hold up the applications currently in flow and applying early was better than applying later with a slightly improved MCAT score. I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

I have apps out to all Texas schools, 18 AMCAS schools (still sending secondaries) and still working on DO schools - still trying to pin down DO to shadow.

I felt up when I got a secondary from VCU yesterday and down when I got this email from EVMS.