MCAT review advice

Has anyone used the special topics Kaplan online courses? I am using the Science Basics online to review, but I feel like I need extra work on the Organic and Physics and I don’t know if it’s worth forking out the money for this too. or would I be better off buying a hard cover book or a text book or even maybe the EK Audio Osmosis.
I am also getting a bit bleary eyed from sitting in from of the computer so much after working all day on computer at work and then sitting here on my home computer doing the review course. & of course also checking OPM & reading the American newspapers online etc… etc…) Although maybe this is good training for taking the computer based exam.
Will there be any used books or review materials at the convention next week? I was just about to order the Audio Osmosis so it would be here when I get back - but did someone mention a raffle? smile.gif


I’ve been using Examkrackers materials, the audio osmosis and there complete manual package. It’s very good IMO. I couldn’t follow the physics at all, nor could I remember alot of the organic stuff (classes where about 7 years ago). SO, I also ordered some Standard Deviants video’s and DVD’s, on Organic Chem and Physics. They really helped me regain some of the basics so I could begin to solve the problems.
I’m kinda praying for a miracle this August. We’ll see! smile.gif

What is Standard Deviant? I've never heard of this!