MCAT score improvement....

Well, it can be done, I suppose! I went from a 23Q in May to 26O(9/9/8)this September. Maybe if I hadn’t burnt out the last 3-4 weeks prior to the test I would have done even better, but meh. I improved 2 points in verbal, 1 in physical sciences, but stayed the same in bio. I’m glad it’s a balanced score.

Anyway, so glad that ordeal is done and ready to move on with my application. Life was on hold in the allo world from 5/31/07 to now. So I’m ready for my rejections, waitlists, and hopefully an acceptance or 2!!

Glad to hear it, and congrats, Meg! Forward progress is a great thing .

Congratulations! Do you by any chance what that point increase roughly translates into in percentiles?

I went from the 30th to 55th percentile.

Seems like the “average” score this season was 26-28. Don’t let websites like SDN fool you.

congrats on the bump in your score megboo.