MCAT Study Approach

I plan to take the MCAT on April 17th, 2010 and I begin the intensive study process this week. Here is my question: Is it more useful to study one subject (say Bio) per day or week, or does it help to vary the subjects within the schedule on a daily or weekly basis? Thanks.

whose system are you using?

I’m sure that all depends on your personal approach. You may end up doing a bit of both kind of by default - when you read through review books, it’ll be one subject at a time; when you take practice tests, it’ll all be together.

I think I leaned more towards the “all together” method, but YMMV of course. One thing I would recommend is making sure not to neglect the stuff you studied first - at least give it a quick once over later in your studying.

Actually, that’s probably a good idea for everything - make sure to at least give it a quick once-over after you’ve (ostensibly) committed it to memory.

Kaplan + ExamKrackers Audio

Thanks. About to add Examkrackers Cds to the mix

I personally wouldn’t rely on EK audio without the EK books for MCAT prep. I used both but the audio is so cursory (and campy) that it’s more of a supplemental reinforcement, like something to listen to during your workouts, while your driving, or maybe review before you go to bed. Also, in terms of how to sequence study material, I think the concept of training specificity is helpful. Train in the way you are going to use the material. So I would alternate studying Chem and Physics on the same day (like master one Chem concept, then master one physics concept), and Ochem and Bio on the same day, and VR and writing on the same day. That way your brain is getting used to switching back and forth between subjects and integrating concepts when possible. Then of course do as many practice tests as possible.