MCAT Study Materials

I have two complete sets of study materials to include practice MCAT tests and exams released by the MCAT administration. One is from Kaplan and one is from the Princeton Review. Will sell individually or together. Best offer.

What is the date on the materials, and how well used is it (some highlighting? None?)?

The Princeton Review is 1 yr old. The review books have none or just a few markings. The practice book (not all the practice exercises were used), there is an extra exam book which was not used at all, and released exams are written on. I have the answers to the exams with explanations. There is also an orgo wheel for reactions.
The Kaplan is two years old. I did not take all the exams so some are mark free. I did write in the books. There are also flash cards with this. Some of the exercises were written on but not all.