MCAT Study Plan for 4/20/18

So I’m taking my MCAT on 4/20/18. I’m not a huge fan of taking the exam on a Friday… I was really wanting to take it on 4/21, but it wasn’t available at my location. Is anyone else taking the MCAT on this date or maybe even on the 21st? I’ve been working on a study schedule that uses a combination of Examkrackers and Kaplan Review books and the Khan Academy Videos. I’ll attach the schedule I’m gonna use. It would be nice to get some feedback or whatever.

Gonna read a few chapters a day and watch about 2.5-3 hrs worth of videos per day for my main content reveiw… It’s been a while since I’ve taken these classes… Also leaving almost 2 months for additional content review and loads of practice, but the front end is almost 100% content review. I sprinkled in a few FLPTs to gauge my progress and I’m doing 2 CARS passages per day… ish.

I’m taking it on 4/21. I built a study schedule on I think the site is still Beta and has some small bugs but I liked it because I needed help with structuring my study plan. It factored in the funds that I had to spend on study materials, my perceived level of proficiency in each topic, my available time and timeline until test day. I’m using the Kaplan set, Khan Academy and AAMC materials (FLPTs and Question packs). Gooood LUCK!

I’m taking the exam around the same date too, and I’m looking for some students to study with if any of you are interested. Please let me know!

Have you tried StudyPal? All my friends in New York use it to study in group for MCAT.