MCAT Study / Study Group or Independent?

Hello All,
What is the most effective way to study for MCAT independent or study groups?
I am concerned because I do work and this will be a career change for me, However, I am going to take the MCAT again.


Group study can be very helpful, but I think that many people forget that it’s an “icing on the cake” sort of thing. In independent study, you can learn, review, and reinforce. Group study is discussion based, so it is really best for reviewing and reinforcing. Of course you can’t review and reinforce unless you’ve already learned the basics, so you won’t get anything out of a group session unless everyone has prepared by doing independent study ahead of time. A study group where people don’t prepare ahead of time and try to read through the chapter together is a complete waste of time and just serves to give the illusion of studying instead of any actual benefit.

Much of doing well on the MCAT comes down to practice, which is heavily individual-dependent. I simply don’t see the kind of habits that one will probably need to come through during test day being emphasized in group study.

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