mcat studying

It seems that everything I have read about the mcat says the same stuff, its a test of critical thinking/problem solving not just the regurgitation of facts. So I was wondering if anyone had any study tips to improve problem solving skills?

I really liked the Examkrackers method which I used for basic review, combined with some of the techniques from the MCAT 45 by Kaplan and Cracking the CBT by TPR. Much of what I gathered from the latter two was how to eliminate the wrong answers first when faced with an unfamiliar topic, thus leaving me with a 50/50 shot with the rest. I am certainly no expert, and have not received my score yet so please take this as only my opinion.

Make sure you know the required concepts + do lots of practice tests!

Yes, this test definitely tests your critical thinking, but it’s not going to get you far if you don’t know your sciences.

And there’s not substitute for taking as many practice test as you can.