MCAT Timing advice

Hello All:

Need advice on timing the MCAT. I work about 45 hrsweek with a demanding 5 year old to take care. Lately feel I want to do or die with the MCAT. I finished 1 year of biology, physics, chemistry and 1 semester of organic chemistry.I have purchased BK series and EK 1001 and EK verbal 101. I want to follow 4 month study plan offered by SN2. I want to write the MCAT early Feb 2013 (Not sure if the MCAT can be taken during Feb will need to check that).

Given if I can take MCAT in Feb 2013, will be OK to start the SN2 preparation starting october. I am not able to sleep at night and feel really pressurized to nail down MCAT. Please kindly provide your thoughts.


Sleep > MCAT

Start doing light stuff now if it means sleeping.

There were no Feb dates this year, just Jan and March: t/reserv…

Have you taken a practice MCAT exam yet? If not, take one and you should see where and how much help you need. I tried to follow the SN2 prepartion plan but it’s a little difficult when you’re working and taking care of a baby. I started studying last year in September and planned to take it in January but had to push it out to April. My advice would be to sit down and talk to your partner about the MCAT and that it’s going to consume a lot of your time in the next four months. Hopefully, they’ll understand and be supportive. If not, I’m not sure how you’re going to set aside enough time to study.

You see, the problems you’re dealing with as an older applicant with a child are the following:

  1. Time

  2. Exhaustion

  3. Squeezing all this knowledge into your brain and remembering all of it

    Since you’re already working, assuming you have a 9-5 job, at most you have approx 4 hours each weekday to study, taking into account eating, sleeping, etc. Ideally, you should be spending those hours at a library or coffee shop away from any distractions. Realistically, this is probably going to be the dining room table. On the weekends, you should dedicate much longer times, at least 8 hours a day. Once you start putting in the hours, you will start to see your practice MCAT scores (you should be taking at least one a week) creep up. When they are at a range you are comfortable with, you are ready to take the MCAT. If not, you need to readjust your schedule, add in more studying time and push back your exam date.

    I think the 4 month time range is good because it’s a large enough timeframe to cram all the materials for the MCATs, and a short enough time frame that you won’t forget everything you’ve studied. It’s going to be exhausting so when you can, try to take a 20 minute power nap.

    When I started studying last September, my first pratice exam was a 19. I ended up with a 32 on the actual. Our baby was born in January so I can relate to what it feels like when you’re not getting enough sleep and needing to study. My secret to success besides putting in many hours of studying? The most amazing wife ever.

    Good Luck. See you in Med School.

Thank you soooo very much for the great advice and inspiring suggestions. I decided to give a try to write the MCAT this coming Jan. I know it will be difficult and I am mentally prepared for the challenge. I spoke to my patner and my parents and all seem to support ( I wouldnt have taken this route of pursuing my dream if they have not supported me all through my pre req studies). I am very very nervous and exhausetd due to lack of sleep, I will have my parents help from next month, so i can divert my attenstion from my kid to studies . I will try to give my best shot. you guys are all amazing and i really feel inspired when i read the post here.

i will keep you guys in loop and let you know my progress. I have not yet taken a practice test, i wil do that over the week end , i think now my mind is clear as i know what i need to do for next 4 months…

My advice would be to take it in March 2013. Babies are unpredictable. Give yourself that extra cushion of time just in case something comes up within the family. Although I myself don’t have children but I work long hours in the ICU. It takes days to get out of the fog of being deprived of adequate sleep. So my study plan I follow is 20 weeks, two chapters per week in the Princeton Review MCAT book. Plus I look at flash cards of the lessons learned during the week. I would be eligible for the exam Jan but I’m taking it in March so I can review as much old exams as possible. Whatever your study plan is remember…Don’t Cram It…Understand It! Much love