MCAT timing

I am a 33 yo with a degree in mechanical engineering (gpa 2.8) and a degree in allied health (gpa 3.0) from U.T.S.W. I have recently decided to take the MCAT. Should i wait till april or go with august? I will be self studying. Also, with my gpa's what realistically is my chance of getting accepted?

Hey Prothor,

When are you planning on applying to med school? If you are going to try and apply for admissions in the fall of 2005 you will need to take take the August test. If you are shooting for 2006 I don't think that it matters except in terms of the time you have to study for it.
Regarding your GPA, it is probably pretty much on the low side for good chances of admisisions. Since you have a couple of degrees you are not going to be able to bring up your GPA a whole lot but a relative recent record of high academic achievement that is in contrast with a more mediocre showing would be of help. With ME and allied health degrees, do you have all of the requisite science classes. I.e. 8 semester hours of general biology (with lab), 8 semester hours of general chemistry (with lab), 8 semester hours of organic chemistry (with lab)? You undoubtedly do have physics classes up the wazoo. If not taking these and doing well is a way to improve your record. If you do have them did you you do well? If you do and you did then maybe take some upper division biological science classes like biochem, physiology, or molecular cell physiology and do well. Those are some thoughts without knowing to much about the details of your situation. Good Lluck!!!

Just a thought. If you have the time to really prepare and have the necessary courses under your belt, take the MCAT this August. Then you will have a score that can help you decide whether or not to apply to med school.
If you get a nice high score, spend the next year beefing up your application. There are lots of folks here with experience and advice for that!
Good luck!

I am off by a year on each one. I.e. the years should be fall 2004 and 2005. I knew that it didn't sound right when I was writing it but I couldn't figure it out for some reason. I think that I am calendar impaired.