Oh my gosh…the time has finally come…

I am driving two hours to take the MCAT in the morning. I am scared…I have all the examkracker books, purchased some online mcat exams…and still do not feel too confident.

What can I do?

It’s one of those exams where you can never feel perfectly prepared. Usually the practice tests are somewhat indicative of what your performance on the real exam is going to be. If you are satisfied with you practice scores, then you’ll probably do OK (although afterwards you are going to feel like you’ve totally messed up; most of the people feel this way and in the end it usually works out).

What you should do?! Take a good night sleep!!! You’re not going to learn anything tonight. You’re just going to freak yourself out ;).

Good luck tomorrow!


your post brings back memories. How the time has flown… 8 years past. I drove up to Dartmouth an hour from home to take them. It was me, 50ish psychologist, and what looked like about 200 teenagers. I remember wondering how many dreams of medical glory were about to be shattered. –

I had a decent job but had recently entertained the idea that I might do more. (no unlike most here - this was not a life long dream that was put on hold) I was taking it seriously - but not so seriously as to be shattered if it did not work out. Maybe it was because of being rather relaxed about it was why I did reasonably well.

Anyway – I wish you and the rest of tomorrows test takers the best of luck. Get good nights sleep!!

Thank you all for your kind words…Well, I did not get the good night rest. For some strange reason, I could not get to sleepy. So, I reviewed my MCAT books. Then finally around 1am, I decide to get to sleep…because I had to drive 1.5hrs to take the exam. So, I literally got 3 hours of sleep.

Well, my overall feelings are of great despair and wanting to make sure I have a solid application other than my MCAT scores. I have already found 6 easy mistakes, I made. I just can not believe it.

Well, hopefully everyone is right about me feeling worst than the actual results. I am looking forward to participating in the UT medical school research program starting next week. So, I am going to focus on absorbing all the information I learn from this experience and hopefully, I am able to make a unforgettable impression on the right people to gain admittance in the fall 2010.

I guess I should look at the fact that I was able to gain acceptances in this summer program when hundreds of students applied and I was blessed enough to get accepted. I pray that while Im walking through the halls of the medical school, eating lunch, or being in that wonderful environment my destiny will lead me there without reservations on the part of the admissions committee.

I know the MCAT is an integral part of the admissions process but I am not my MCAT score and I pray, my application shows that I have exemplified excellence through the years and the complete picture of who I am earns me a seat in the 2010 class.

I think that your experiences after the MCAT are normal…I think rarely does anyone leave a big test like that feeling super confident. You may have done way better than you feel you did.

Best of luck!

Good Luck!!! Be sure and let us know how you do!