MCAT - verbal part

Hi everyone,

I just started my postbac program. I am a little nervous about having to have straight As for all my classes. But overall, everything goes on very well. I enjoy the classes a lot more than I did when I was in the college ten years ago. Just a little sharing. Here is the MCAT question, I am planning to take MCAT in 2010, so it is too early to prepare for the exam. But is it a good time to start preparing for the verbal reasoning part? Can anyone give me some advice on how to prepare for this part and which book to purchase? I heard a lot about ExamKracker and its Audio Osmosis. Will anyone recommend this? Thank you.

Given that the verbal section is not a content test, I see no utility in getting these prep packages at this early date. The best preparation for the verbal MCAT is to just read something you enjoy that is of university-level complexity, a little at a time. The people who did really poorly on the verbal in my prep course were science students who hadn’t read anything critically since the SAT 4 years before. The less contrived and artificial your verbal practice the better you’ll do. One exception: if English is not your 1st language, a SAT-style vocabulary builder may be helpful.