MCAT Verbal Reasoning

Good grief Charlie Brown!!! Is it just me or is the verbal reasoning one of the most difficult sections on the MCAT?

I can handle the sciences and the writing samples easily, but am having a pretty rough time with the VR section.

Unlike the science section, there really is no magic ingredient, no material that you can review to quickly improve your knowledge for this section.

What I found that worked is understanding what the MCAT is attempting to test in this section. It is all about your test taking skills. In this section, the MCAT is testing your ability to think critically. It is not testing to see if you can go from the question and find the answer in the passage. It wants to know if you can take the information presented to you in the passage, digest it, and apply it to a different situation (hence the question).

The only secret to this is being able to read fast and to understand what you are reading and interpret it with enough time to look at the question and think about it. You can only do this with practice, practice, and more practice. There is nothing else you can do.