Anyone have any suggestions on English vocabulary flashcards for the MCAT?

Do you mean vocabulary such as the superlong words on the GRE or SAT with questions like “Which of the following superlong words is an synonym of this superlong word”? Can you tell that I hated those tests! The verbal section on the MCAT isn’t like that. It’s more about reading comprehension and reading things such as the New York Times Magazine helps in preparation (at least I found that it did).
Hope this helps.

Thanks, that helps.
I thought there might be some vocab flashcards available which would lend themselves to the level of reading comprehension exhibited on the MCAT.

To prepare for the verbal reasoning portion of the MCAT, things like the editorial page of a good newspaper (e.g. New York Times), high-level magazines (New Yorker, Discover), and science articles (e.g. Science Times, the science section in each Tuesday's NYT) are helpful. (remember MCAT verbal passages can be about ANYthing)
The difficulty of the verbal reasoning section of the MCAT isn't due to its reading level (which is admittedly high). It's that you're expected to extrapolate from your reading - what was the point of this? what did they mean by that? if the author felt this way about this topic, s/he might be likely to also espouse which of the following opinions? And it can be REALLY subtle.
Most people feel that VR is the hardest to prepare for and improve upon. I'd suggest you find a sample MCAT verbal section online (the test companies all have practice sections) and see an example.