MCAT: Word to the Wise

According to Kaplan, there are no alkenes on this MCAT.
Also, judging from old tests I’ve taken, the writers of the verbal section seem to think the word “infer” means “explicitly stated.” I’ve missed several verbal questions because I didn’t pick the answer that was explicitly stated because the directions said “inferred.” Go figure.
I’ve signed up for the beast. 16 days away. I’m going to slay that dragon. I can feel it in my bones. I took my last practice test and though I didn’t make my target score, I crept up on it. I could see it. Two more practice tests before the real thing.
Today I feel unstoppable. But ask me tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Hi Ash,
The thing to do with those practice tests is to make sure that you are improving. Don’t fixate on a particular score. The MCAT is kind of like pre-election polls, the only one that counts is the one that is taken on election day.
Keep feeling strong and get some good quality sleep the night before the exam. Sure your stomach will be in knots but try very hard to sleep. If you need to blow off steam, do something physical like take a brisk walk but don’t stay up to cram. The loss of sleep will not be worth it.
Good luck and make a few cuts for me! I know that you are going to ROCK!

Good luck with the rest of your practice. I hope you are able to slay that dragon.

Ash, you’ve got exactly the right attitude.
I have said this before but not recently so it’s a good time to repeat it. The MCAT is YOURS to own and show what you can do. I really believe you can look at it as an opportunity and personal challenge - and that with a positive attitude, you can rise to this challenge and use the MCAT to show that you have The Right Stuff. It’s the purest opportunity for this, in fact. Coursework comes with a lot of uncertainties - bad profs, sometimes random grading, etc. Admissions committees - may not find your personal statement or LORs as captivating as you thought, and some may focus on the one C rather than the 10 As. But a solid MCAT score is an instant way to get respect, and it is perhaps the one thing in the application process that is entirely under YOUR control. Which is why I say,
And I mean it. Go slay that dragon!

Good luck! Keep us posted!