Is it a problem to take it after your pre-reqs (core classes)

Physics, Bio, Chem, OChem

before you actually have your BS?

I know scores are good for 3 years, so is it smart to do it that way since those are the sections highlighted in the study books for the MCAT.

Is it a problem to take the MCAT after pre-reqs and before receiving a bachelor’s degree?

No, that is when you should take the MCAT, assuming you want to apply concurrent to your senior year and start med school the August after you graduate.

The AAMC advises taking the MCAT in the CALENDAR YEAR before the year you plan on entering. This would mean

  • Spring of junior year

  • Summer between

  • Fall of senior year

    In my opinion? The last option is terrible-- your application will languish at the bottom of everyone’s stack while they wait for your MCAT score. Suggestion: If you aim to complete the MCAT with your desired score by June of your junior year you will be able to complete secondaries and go on interviews as soon as your AMCAS applications hits the system.

my problem specifically is that I am completing my pre-reqs over the next 18 months and then transferring to University to gain a BS in Bio - but I do not know how long it will take to complete the BS. I still work full time and can see taking 2-3 classes per semester.

I gues from what I read on here, I need to sit down with a pre-med advisor at the university I will be transferring to to get their advice.

Ahh yes, then your primary concern is what you mentioned above-- to apply within the 3-year limit of the exam.