Just curious how long it takes to get your results from the MCAT?

30-35 agonizing days There is a grid on the AAMC website that shows what date to expect your score based on your test date. After 5 PM on that date, you log into your AAMC account to see your score.

It is a horrible wait. On the day mine were due to be posted though, I found they posted around 3:30pm so they were slightly ahead of their 5pm scheduled time (and yes, I was in the same time zone).


Yeah, I really don’t get why they don’t give the scores on the spot. OK there is some curving, but they could at least give raw score (i.e good answers/over total answers). At least you have a good idea of where you are. The essays, I understand the wait, but not PS, BS and VR. Anyone has any idea as to why scores are not provided on the spot?

Sometimes a question is thrown out or otherwise disallowed because the answer is ambiguous, wrong, or deceptive. My guess is that they don’t want to make such problems public, so they just tell the test takers to wait for the correlated results.

I understand it’s nerve-wracking to have to wait five weeks, but really, considering the prep that goes into the MCAT and med school in general, I don’t think it’s an outrageous wait. Only my opinion, of course, which is subject to change if and when I take the MCAT.

I didn’t think about that one. But overall, these questions (disallowed) are probably a minority. They can give a %score as a tentative, mentioning that the actual score (over 15) needs be calculated at a later date or something like that.

Well anyway, I haven’t taken the MCAT yet. But I can already feel the pain of the wait.