med school in Grenada?

so whats up with that place? The only info I have on it was from friends of mine who invaded it via parachute to save the medical students. back in the early 80’s Is it good, bad, indifferent?

I went to their site but it is not super informative.

Thanks is better able to answer your questions: -schoo…

I wouldn’t do it. It just lacks prestige. Not that prestige is the goal, but it is a door. A really good door to doing what you want. What’s wrong with U.S. schools? I’m just curious.

There are only 4 top caribbean schools: Ross, AUC, St. George, and there is one more but I cannot think of it right now. But be aware that they also have been known to admit a much higher number of students and a significantly high fail rate on the boards.

Whether or not this is true, I cannot verify. But I am sure that you can find this out by doing some research. Usually, it is best to leave the Caribbean schools as an absolute last resort.

That is what I was thinking…I would love to go to an American school. I am just searching around and having a bit of a pity party for myself. I like to know the very bottom of the barrel as well as the cream of the crop in order to help know where my high and low limits are.

Thanks yall for the advice…(keep it coming)