Med School is DONE!

Monday 12 May 2003 at 17:15 - OMD walked out of the Emergency Department having completed his final shift as a medical student. I have not yet walked to be hooded, but I am DONE!!! Stick a fork in me cause it is OVER! Fine! Fertig!
Now, we are polishing up the last 10% or so of packing and awaiting the next SNAFU. So far, my air conditioning in my new vehicle went out – it went into the shop today & supposed to be ready tommorow. Of course, I must have the thing to be able to pull a trailer to New Hampshire this coming Friday when we leave.
And, to make life interesting…the company with whom we had a signed contract & had $500 deposit to for them to move our shit to New Hampshire called today to apologize cause they had no trucks & no drivers available. Not only did they not have anything, they could not even give us any alternative dates in the foreseeable future…nevermind the fact that we signed a contract several weeks ago! Folks, avoid using Movex like the plague!!! On paper, they appear great! In reality, they suck shit!
So, we called North Americal Van Lines & were able to secure a truck w/ loaders for about the same amount of money we were coughing up by “saving” & going w/ Movex.

Congratulations Dave - big time congratulations!!! Ohhhh, what a feeling that must be, perhaps the only one to win over the feeling when you first found out you made it into medical school?
Don’t worry about the air-conditioning while in NH – you will find very little use for it! You may find that NE is cold, in more ways than one, however, it will be the state bird (the mosquito) you have to worry about, and the black fly that come out for two weeks when everything thaws. NH is a beautiful state, and I miss it a lot – too bad the old man in the mountain is no longer around.
Good luck, and if you ever come down to CT, drop me a line.

Sorry to hear about the move SNAFU. That does suck.
CONGRATS on finishing medical school. That is amazing.

Congratulations, Dave!!!
Next time you go to work, you’ll be “Dr. Kelley”. Woo - hoo, gotta like the sound of that, eh? I am so excited for you!!
Sorry to hear about the moving snafu. I’ve discovered that where something can go wrong, it will go wrong.
You are going to LOVE NH in the fall. Beautiful!

Wow. Congratulations Dave. I can't imagine what you must be feeling…but hope to someday.
Congratulations again, Dr. Kelley.

Woohoo! Go, Dave, go!
Or is it, sleep, Dave, sleep? Or play with baby, or see your wife while you’re both awake at the same time, or just live through the move? Whatever it is you do, have a blast. Congratulations!

Congratulations! You’ll have to telll us what it is like, the first time someone calls you “Doctor”.
(Thanks for the advice about Movex, too).

Howdy Dave!
Whoop! Whoop!
Congratulations my friend! Doctor Kelley, what a great sound!
Good luck with your move. I hope you're able to get settled in and ready for internship. Yippie!
Take care,

“Dr. Kelley” sure has a nice ring to it! laugh.gif

QUOTE (Mary Bois Byrne @ May 19 2003, 12:15 AM)
"Dr. Kelley" sure has a nice ring to it! laugh.gif

I like to just call him 'anesthesia'. As in "Hey, Anesthesia! This patient's getting a little light down here. He's leaving AMA. Going to Mayo Clinic. IS HE RELAXED?!?" cool.gif

Big Congratulations!!!

Make sure you let the old moving company know that they must pay for any additional costs incurred in securing the services of the new company as well as any foreseeable costs that resulted from their breaching the contract.
Let me know if you need help.