Med-School Prerequisites Abroad

I have the opportunity to take a calculus based physics series over the summer at the University College Dublin Science Center in Ireland. The courses satisfy my undergraduate degree requirements and thanks to the articulation agreement already in place the credit will be applied to the transcript at my home university.

I’m wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience concerning how medical school will look at this. I would love to be able to study abroad and get this year-long series done over the summer but I also want to be sure that it will satisfy the medical school physics requirement. Furthermore I don’t want to take physics abroad if it looks bad.

Any info would be great.

I think you should be okay, but take a look at this document (page 50 looks like it is highly applicable to you)

The only way this will count is if the credit shows on an official transcript from a US accredited university. It that is the case, then you are good.