Med School Update!

Just wanted everyone to know that I heard from the University of Nebraska Medical Center Admissions Office this afternoon and they are sending me an acceptance letter TODAY!!! I am so excited to be going back “home.” We lived in Nebraska for 40 years, so as they say “you always bleed Husker red!”
For all of those out there that are still trying to get in to medical school, especially those who will be applying this year, take it from me–you’re not too OLD to be a doctor unless you are DEAD ! I was fortunate to have been given 2 outright acceptances and 7 waitlist spots that resulted in an acceptance to one of my top choices by May 18th! Don’t ever lose sight of your dreams–they really can come true!
See you all in D.C. next month,

Congrats, Lu!!! I was in your shoes last year, so I know how great it feels.

Congratulations!!! The Univ. of Nebraska will be lucky to have you!
Are you coming to the conference in a few weeks. Dr. Bowman from the Univ. of Nebraska is one of our great speakers!

Congratulations, Lu! I’m very glad to hear this. I will be pleased to congratulate you in person in a few weeks.

Congrats! Welcome to the continued Marathon LOL.