Med School with Kids?

Hi everyone!

I’m just starting to begin my research and decide what I want to do. Here’s my background:

I am 27, and have a degree in Commercial Aviation Management (seemingly unrelated, I know!). Prior to this degree, I had taken some courses towards a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology. My thoughts are to return to school and complete the BSc in order to improve my GPA and get any missing courses required to apply to Med School. This also gives me time to volunteer and obtain some clinical experience.

I have always wanted to complete this degree, and with the potential job market for pilots not looking very promising, now seems to be a good time. That decision is not in question. My issue is whether or not to continue on with medicine after 2 more years of school. One of my biggest concerns is a family. I’ve noticed a few people on here who have gone through Med school with kids, but my question is this: If I do not yet have kids, and return to school now, am I going to be forced to wait to have kids until I complete my residency? Am I crazy for even considering this? Medicine has always been in the back of my mind. My mother is a nurse, and she imparted an interest in all things medical whether she meant to or not. It is something I know I would be passionate about, but it’s not worth sacrificing a family for me. Can I do both? Or am I being unrealistic?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


Hi! Just look through the forum. Many people have posted about this subject and you might have a hard time getting people to reply since the subject was beat to death before you got here. I just didn’t want you to think you were being ignored. Numerous people have kids and have made it through. Looks like you don’t have kids? Why worry about it? If medicine is your calling you will and can make it all work. Dedication.

Thanks! I appreciate the response. No, I don’t have any kids yet. I just want to have them in the next few years, and I wasn’t sure if I can take a year off in the middle of med school to take care of a newborn baby.

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I’ll make sure I search through some older posts and see what I can find. Basically, what I’ve been hearing from all around is that, no matter what, if you really want it, you can make it happen. Frankly, I think that’s all I needed to hear!

Glad I can help. BTW, I started college and I have a 2 year old and 10 month old twins. It’s working just fine. I am usually the one making things hard, not my babies. OH and I am 32, so I can’t see why you can’t make it fit in somewhere. LOL. Maybe I am a little crazy? But, I am having FUN!

That’s all that matters!!

I have 3 littles. Age 8, 5, and 1. Honestly it has been a challenge, but anything this year would have been a challenge being they were hit hard this winter with every virus and bacterial infection under the sun. You do the best you can and when that’s not good enough, well, you roll the dice again, ask for help, or suck it up and deal with a poor grade on a test. But, I love my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world right now, sick kids and all. Learning is exciting. Knowing I’m making a difference somewhere even more. It works for me.


That’s what it’s all about! Making a difference! I for one would give anything to be able to go overseas and join a Doctors without borders program, I do not have kids, but I do have a mortgage and everyday day bills which make this impossible for now.

Even though I am not a doctor yet, you can still go and do healthcare support, which would still be just as good…