Med Students and Alumni!!!!

Please state which schools you are or have attended, what made you choose that school, what you liked about the school while you were there, and if you would be willing to give a fellow OPMer a tour.


Mayo medical school, yes I would give an OPM’er a tour. I love the small class size, and the “family” feel of the school. I was impressed in that we started clinical rotations in second year. I love the new curriculum! (this is new for this year) where they are in class much less with a lot of time for self-studying, research projects, and other projects like volunteering in the community. The faculty are world reknown and volunteer to teach medical students with most being clinicians (not Ph.D’s). The school has a warm friendly environment where we all thrive.

Ohio State University College of Medicine.

I chose Ohio State mostly because it would allow me to live with my husband. The other schools I was accepted at would not have been conducive to that option. However, that being said, Ohio State is a great school. Despite the size of the class and the university, the administration is very approachable and the size is not nearly as much of a drawback as I thought it might be. There are tons of things to get involved with - there are lots of med student groups, four different free clinics that students help run, numerous shadowing opportunities, more research opportunities than you could imagine, etc. The downside would be that there are almost too many things to get involved in.

Yes, I would be willing to give tours. (I actually help give tours for interviews).

University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities Campus

There’s a great history of medical and surgical innovation here at the U, and it is very progressive for a state medical school. I’d be happy to give any OPMs a tour if our schedules permit.