Medic to Nontrad! Hopefully

Hello everyone! New to the forums and I am loving all the information everyone gives to the people taking this journey in medicine. I am a 33 year old firefighter/paramedic and flight paramedic in the great state of Texas. I have been a paramedic for almost 14 years and I can honestly say I love every bit of it!! I am also a father of one and a husband to an amazing woman. We have been contemplating this transition for about two years and have finally agreed to take the step. I am basically a freshman in college and will be starting full time in August. I will still be working as a flight medic but the Fire Department life has to go in order to fulfill this ambition. I will be attending a 2 year junior college (hopefully 1 year) to complete all the “core” classes then transferring to the UT system for remainder of my upper level classes. I have already set my major as biology which I do love and which will help me complete the pre-reqs and my BS quicker. Any advice is welcome and needed. As I have said this is as much of my decision as my wife’s and I believe this is doable!

Yay! I too am in EMS and LOVE IT! I have not been doing it as long as you (less than a year). Kudos on being a flight medic! For other people reading in, flight medic is a position that is highly competitive and you have to be an incredible paramedic to be considered. Something to think about as you are doing your core classes. Not only should you check to make sure that the junior classes transfer but that they are on the same level as the UT courses. I don’t know of Texas’ education system, but Alabama is set to where every Alabama higher education, junior college or university, is set to a number system for each course so that you can see what courses transfer and how they compare to each other. For example, Organic Chemistry from a community college might transfer to a university, but the CC Org Chem number is a 200 level course as the University’s is a 300 level course. After 4 classes at a community college, I decided to transfer to a University. This is my second Bachelors so I only need to go for my prereq’s and classes that are more than ten years old, but if UT has a pre health/premed advisor then they can give you more info.