Medic to Undergrad major.


I have just recently joined this on-line community. I am very grateful to have found such as a resource as this.

I have a few questions or rather ask for guidance on a few major choices. I am a 68W (combat medic) in the Minnesota Army National Guard. I guess without going into to much detail on my history, I have always wanted to be a physician. Life matters and the such seemed to get in the way in the early years. Partly due to maturity I will admit. A few years ago, I took a step back and escalated my life goals. I then realized that joining the guard was a viable option to help me reach the goal of Neurosurgeon.

I am starting undergrad in Jan at a community college in Saint Paul. My question is what should my emphasis be on the AA degree? I plan on transferring to a four year school following 64 credits and graduation from the community college. I was considering 3 options; biochemistry, neuroscience and physiology. All three have the typical medical school pre-requisite courses in their plan. The only difference is the working in of the genetics and physiology immunology courses and the such. Maybe if I had a concrete “this is what you should take for medical school course list” it would help immensely.

I look forward to all the wisdom and advice I am sure to get from you folks. Thanks


Any of your option paths will be fine. Poster pathdr2b has noted that biochemistry and physiology are two notorious classes that medical students routinely fail.