medical insurance while in school?

Hey all,

I assume that if one ends up in a residency program, medical insurance is provided. Is this correct?

Also, since we no longer are covered under our parents policies, what does a single OPM do for insurance during med school?


Your medical school will undoubtedly require medical insurance and will probably have a campus plan available for you.

Residency programs differ with respect to benefits packages. Some will cover your insurance completely, others will have a plan you can buy into.

I agree. My med school required insurance and had a couple of group plans to choose from. Where I did my internship, you were a hospital employee like all other employees and picked from a menu of group plans that fit you best. At my residency, residents and fellows are a special group, not full employees. We now have insurance that you can use outside of the hospital if you choose, but as long as you get your care at our hospital, you get courtesy care, meaning that everything is provided as a courtesy. I had a residency-mate get IVF all covered. This hospital uses its full coverage as a recruiting tool.

Bottom line-- Every residency program treats benefits a little different, but it will be available.