medical porblems

I am a ARNP/CNM who was going to apply last year to medical school but due to life I canceled my MCATS and could not register to take ORGO my last of the pre-req.

I was planning on taking ORGO this year but after about 6 months of pain in my hands my rheumatoid arthritis factors have come back elevated. This news has thrown a stone into my plans

I know if I have RA at age 41 that applying to medical school at age 42 would not be a sensible idea. I am just having a hard time giving up on the idea.

I love what I do but hate being a middle person and I want to be able to do surgery.

My last check up the doctor has mentioned I might have a false positive RA test and the pain might be from Gout. My uric acid level is elevated but I don’t have any pain in my feet. I have now started on medication for gout and waiting to see if it helps.

I can’t help from being slightly excited that if it is gout that wouldn’t stop me from being an OB/GYN.

So although I still lurk around here and I would give my left arm to go to medical school I am just not sure if it is a possibility.

So my advice to everyone go for it because when you can’t it sure does stink.


Well, it seems to me the most prudent thing to do is to wait and see if you’re facing gout, or if it is indeed RA.

If it is RA,what’s the prognosis? There are so many questions in regards to how advanced it is now, how quickly it might advance, etc. I simply don’t know enough about RA to offer an intelligent opinion. Sorry.

Do you “have” to do surgery? If you got worse in med school and had to switch to something more “diagnostic” would that be a game changer?

Again, I don’t know a heck of a lot about being a nurse midwife as far as scope of practice etc, but I imagine that if you do indeed have RA, you may run into physical difficulties there as well.

These would be great questions to ask of our very own “kate429” who is a nurse midwife as well as an osteopathic medical student.