Medical Reference Texts

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What is a good reference for lab values, what they are, what they should be and what the implications are if they aren’t normal?


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To follow up:

I went to our school’s bookstore and found the following:

Bakerman’s ABC’s of Interpretive Laboratory Data, 3rd.

My resident-next-door refered it to me and it seems to be a decent book.

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I’ll echo that reply – unfortunately, it is written in very small print and a hard to read font-style. This becomes a factor as you grow older!!

“All You Really Need to Know to Interpret Arterial Blood Gases”, by Lawrence Martin (ISBN: 0-683-30604-9) seems to be a really good book.
I few years ago, I was thinking about changing jobs, and was going to need to understand blood gases, etc. I was having a hard time, and bought this book. My scenario changed before I got through more than a few chapters. What I managed to read explained things very well. I have not had a chnce to get back to it, but it will be the first thing I pick up when I hit that point in med school. I’ll give this book a pretty high recommendation, but with the disclaimer that I have not read the whole thing (I would have liked to have finished it, just to learn the material, but I am at a point now where the only “extra” reading I am intersted in has nothing to do with the sciences."
Hope this helps!
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