Medical school and a small baby


First of all I want to thank to everyone who came up with this forum and everyone who generously shares their experience!!! Just knowing that it is ok to fullfill your dreams later in life makes a huge difference (as I thought I was going absolutely insane).

I am 34 yo, have a PhD in biochemistry, 5 years of postdoctoral research and currently work for a company that works with the NIH. Medicine has always been more than just a dream. I had the opportunity to shadow a surgeon and spending time in the OR and in the clinic with her only solidified my desire to get into the profession.

But I now have a small child, 3-months old! Granted, he’d be older by the time I would start med school, I am not sure how this would affect him in the long run. And we know we would like to have one more in the next year (maybe crazy). Has anyone gone back to medical school with small children at home? Even for those whose children were a bit older, how did it affect them? You? Did you have time for them? Assuming all goes well, I would start medical school in 2011…

Thanks for your responses!

After already posting this topic, I realized that there is a similar one already in existence with lots of replies! So, if you want to reply to this one, great, if not, I found my answers