Medical school hours stats!

This is a continuation of the “supportive husband” post, sorry it just occured to me that maybe if I give him statistics on hours spent away maybe he’ll understand
How many hours away from home?
How many hours studying?
How much Mr. Mom hours? Etc…
What do you think? Anyone have any answers?
Thanks a bunch!

I think you’re going to have to content yourself with the following answers:

a) a lot, hard to say

b) a lot, hard to say

c) a lot, hard to say.

The amount of time each of us spends is highly variable although it is never trivial, and at an emotional level it is always highly consuming.

You’ll have a better sense of whether you spend more or less time in school compared to others once you get an A in a couple of post-bac courses. This will tell you whether a “typical” workload would apply to you in the first two years of med school, or whether you’ll need to study less or more than is “typical.” If you’re typical, I think you can expect a bit more than a regular workweek (e.g., 40 hrs/wk) at med school-related activities in the first two years. The second two years depends less on you; probably anywhere from 80-100 down to 40 hours a week during the second two years, with lots of variability.

I think the best thing to do is take this one step at a time. There are a lot of things you could do with those courses, including working as a docent at a science museum, teaching high school biology, or applying to medical school. Just take a couple of courses and see how it goes. You haven’t signed on any dotted line; and it sounds from your other post like you’re worried about dropping out of this path even before you start. So, why don’t you start without committing to the path, rather than making a committment (and then worrying about it) before you even start? It also sounds like you haven’t fully resolved for yourself whether you want to do this or whether your husband wants you to do this but you don’t. Unless you absolutely 100% want to do this you shouldn’t; there are certainly many other things you could do with your life. Maybe you and your husband should sit down and talk about what it is that is so exciting and important to him and to you about going to med school, and whether there are ways of getting that same thing while also getting some of the other things you’re afraid of losing.

Just an idea. Each person’s approach to this will differ. But there is no one on this site (I hope) who is going to say, oh yeah, ignore your doubts and just push forward. Only you are going to be able to give yourself the drive you need, and if you don’t have it, it’s time to get realistic about whose dream you’re fulfilling here–yours, or someone else’s? And if it’s yours, to figure out what is holding you back from going for it.

good luck.