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Hey OPM! Long time

I just got off the phone with gonnif, and he suggested that I keep a running thread about some of the updates and new podcasts being released at the Medical School Headquarters.

Our last podcast, #61, was an interview with a 4th year DO student who went through premed and medical school with 3 kids! She was a very non-traditional student and she might even be part of this community (I forgot to ask!).

You can check out that podcast at

Our whole list of podcasts is located at

Maybe we can sticky this somewhere? I’ll keep popping in here every so often to let you guys know what’s new and exciting!

As a preview to our next podcast, we are talking about “When the Doctor Becomes the Patient…”

Session 62 - Allison’s Story - When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

A discussion about Allison’s Diagnosis of Crohn’s during her residency and how that has made her a better doctor.

A new podcast went out this morning - The 3 Most Common MCAT Questions that M Prep receives!

Check it out - Session 65 of the Medical School HQ Podcast

Do you have a suggestion for a podcast? Let me know! Do you think you’d be a good guest? Let me know!

This podcast started with members of the OPM community reaching out to me and being interviewed. Everyone here has an amazing story to tell.

I had the privilege of interviewing an OPMer on this weeks podcast episode to discuss how being involved in this community has helped her get to where she is now.

Take a listen to carrieliz’s VERY inspirational story here->


Hey DocGray! I love the podcast - I discovered it in the last few months as I made my decision to do a postbacc. I’d love to hear a podcast from you guys on questions to ask on a med school tour/questions to ask a student interviewer.

“What are my Chances” is our latest podcast episode which is probably very different than what you would expect.

Here’s an email we got from one listener:

“Thank you so much for your podcast today. I discovered my “why” about two years ago when my mom died from lung cancer. My experience instilled in me a passion for primary care medicine. I hope one day to be a primary care physician who can serve the community by guiding patients towards a healthy lifestyle that works to prevent such tragedies from happening to them and their families. I am currently in the depths of my studies, preparing for the MCAT, and have found myself doubting whether or not this was all worth it. However, your podcast today reminded me of my “why” and has given me just the peace of mind I needed to move forward. Again, thank you for all that you do.”

Take a listen if you already haven’t!

Listen Here.