Medical School in England

Hello all. I am currently living in England and, like so many of you, am considering retraining as a doctor. I wonder if anyone who is attending medical school here/there, or perhaps planning on it, can comment on the UK application process, steps to take, hurdles to overcome, interview questions, attitudes toward older medical students, etc. Any tidbits of information would be most welcome.
P.S. What does SCCM stand for?

Thats for St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in Luton.
A few of us go there, (I’m transferring to St. James in the Carib) Kathy goes there and only has 1 more semester in the UK.
Welcome to OPM! I do know 1 student from SCCM who is transferring into a British med school when I get a chance I can get him to post on here.