Medical School Info

I’m am very interested in the feedback on Meharry. Also, due to my locale in Houston (Pearland, TX) & driving concerns, info on UT Houston & Baylor would be appreciated. :0

Hi rgreene,
I’m in Clear Lake. We’re practically neighbors. :)
I don’t know anything about Meharry, but I interviewed at UT Houston and Baylor last year (as well as UTMB).
Do you have specific questions? Are you getting ready to apply?
One thing you should know about Baylor is that they are very stats-oriented. They want to see GPA >= 3.5 and MCAT >= 33. UT Houston says they are more interested in students who care about people and who will be compassionate doctors. You can get some good information from their web pages. Baylor is and UTH is
You can email me at if you want.
Pam in Houston

Good evening Pam, it has been sometime since I’ve posted anything. If my memory serves me correctly, you were interviewing at the Houston area med schools & was soon to be accepted. Just wanted to know where you got in & how’s it going. I’ve been taking classes (Biochem, Physiology, etc) at UH-Clearlake and doing well and will be taking the MCAT in August, 2004. Hope all is well with you & I will await your response. Take care.