Medical School PostBA

smile.gif Hello to all...I am new to the group. I graduate this coming spring with a BA in Business Management and looking at going to TCU for some postBA studies. I have no experience at all other than Medical Assisting about 20 years ago. Any suggestions or any advice as to what to do next?
Thanks for the insight!

Hey Jpuente,
Welcome! There are a bunch of posts on what people recomend for newbies. I'm sure that you will run across them as you have time to peruse the board. In general, if you have not taken any science classes, you need to take 2 semesters each of general biology with lab, general chem with lab, college physics (non-calculus based usually with lab), and organic chemistry with lab. Most schools also require some math such as college algebra, trig, statistics, and occasionally calculus. Check with your local library or purchase the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) book from AAMC for details on the specific schools that youi may be interested in. In addition to that try and shadow a physician or two or three around their practice and maybe do some volunteer work at a hospital. There is a quick synopsis off the top of my head. Do browse the past posts or do a search and you will find a lot of information. Good luck in the journey.