Medical School Success

I recommend that if you need help… i.e. from tutoring, counseling, or friends… please get it… it’s the only thing that’s kept me semi-sane… and helped me appreciate the many things i’m going to do… :)

Mike Haas

I would recommend going one step further…not only immediately seek assistance with tutoring when you need it; but also offer your services in tutoring in the subjects in which you excel. I have done this and found it to be very rewarding AND it really really solidifies my understanding of the materials!!!

Also, I know at KCOM, if you get into academic trouble and have already, of your own volition, sought tutoring/assistance that that is definitely smiled upon by the academic review board & they are far more likely to allow you remediation or 5th yearing in lieu of the boot. On the other hand, if you have not gone for help, or waited until it is too late to do any good…the review board frowns heavily on this.

It is simply an issue of professionalism, maturity and responsibility – and swallowing your pride. KCOM offers tons of assistance merely for the asking.