Medical School + Teenage Son

I plan to apply to medical school in 2010 at age 35. According to this schedule, my first son will hit his teenage years around my third year of med school. One of my major concerns with going to medical school is being able to stay engaged in my son’s life at this critical age. Has anyone been through this or somthing similar? What was your experience like, and what would you suggest for that family/school equation?

Doc34. I can’t speak to your question but you are in the same boat as me! I plan on applying to med school in 2012, I will be 35 by the time I enter and my oldest son will be 12. I also worry about being a goos parent to a teen, while in school.In some ways it seems easier to go to school with small children b/c they are less aware of how busy you are, and don’t have as many activities. I know they are ALL important years. It is a juggling act no matter what.


I’ll apply for 2012. . .my oldest son would start his freshman year at the same time and we would graduate together.

LDRN20BGYN,thanks for the reply. I agree, they are all important years. I have read a little about finding ways to involve the kids in your process (joining you to study, maybe connecting your work to theirs in school). Anyway, I look forward to comparing notes as we go down the line.

I plan to be in med school with a teenage daughter too and personally, I’d rather do this with a teenage son!