Medical Schools

Can we get a list of where people are currently attending medical school and the pros and cons of each school?

Yes! I’m totally for! I have to start thinking where to apply. I’m especially intersted in VA, DC and MD schools. So if anyone is in one now, or used to be, please share!
I’m not applying to Howards, + I’m also interested in Uniform Services School.

I guess I’ll attempt to start. I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for in terms of pros and cons, but I’ll try.
THE Ohio State University
-Independent Study Program
-Lots of Research Opportunities
-Large class size
-Wide variety of clinical sites
-Great Clinical Skills lab
-Low cost of living/affordable housing
-Good school in suburbs
-Lots of activities, if you have time
-tons of interest groups
- Out-of State students can usually get in-state tuition after the first year. If you are married and your spouse works, you can usually get it immediately.
-Attendings very open to working with students and available for shadowing opportunities.
-Great rec facilities on campus
-FOOTBALL TICKETS!! (most important - )
-Lots of opportunities for patient contact first year

-Columbus (for some - I don’t find it to be that bad.)
-The fees that they charge us for the great rec facilities
-Large class size
-Columbus can be expensive to fly out of
So - there are a few. If I think of more, I’ll add them, but its a good start. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

Well I was waiting to see…

I’ll post this even though I do not expect any of OPM to come here…

St. James School Of Medicine

island of Bonaire N.A.


18 months Basic Science

Clinicals in the USA set up by the school or you can arrange with a Hospital then through the school.

Small class size

Sallie Mae Private loans decent interest rate, deferred through residency.

Costs under 17k a year Basic sci, 7000 clinical sci semester.

Opening up Cadaver labs this coming semester. (most of these schools do not have them.)

Hospital program, students who have attended one semester can apply to spend one day a week in the hospital gaining experience with MDs and patients.


Caribbean school so FMG status

New school, opened 2001

Old building the Government donated for the school, old elementry school.

Cannot be Lic in California (not on list) Kansas (school has to be open 10 years) Pending aprrovals 2 other states and DOE will visit to approve per Administration.

Cairbbean Island so living here is different than in the USA, it’s a 3rd world country but still has many things since it’s also a vacation spot.

SO this is where I attend

Wow! Thanks, whuds… hadn’t really considered an non-US Medical School before. I’m sure I’ll be showing my lack of sophistication, so bear with me while I ask a few stupid questions:
What is FMG status?
Will CA and KS licensing ever be an option (for instance, once CA adds it to the list, or after the school has been open for 10 years)?
What is the cost of living like there?
I saw in another post that you are living apart from your family while attending school; I sincerely hope that is going well for you. I am most worried about my relationship with my family when I go to Med school, and sympathize with how hard your situation must be.