Medical Scribe Interview Next Week - A Few Questions

Hey all! I have an interview with ScribeAmerica on Monday for an ED position (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia). A few questions:

  1. If I’m hired and accept the position, I plan to commit to at least two years (possibly three) before starting medical school. Since this is essentially getting paid to shadow, can I consider this fulfilling the shadowing requirement for applications, therefore freeing up more time for volunteering and/or research project?

  2. What questions do you suggest I ask during the interview?

  3. Also,I plan to do extensive online research, but I can’t find much information to differentiate the companies (they all seem to say “we are the best, the industry leader, etc.”) In other words, if I’m asked “Why ScribeAmerica?”, I’m not quite sure how I’d answer.

    Thanks so much!

I don’t know much about ScribeAmerica, but I worked as a scribe in an ED for a while prior to medical school. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the practice of medicine, and to have the ability to interface with a number of doctors. Depending on how in-depth you get, it will likely be a great help when you finally get on the wards as a student.

On to your questions:

  1. I would suggest you do some other shadowing, particularly in a field other than emergency med. It would be good to explore some other fields and to come to it with a different perspective, other than looking at it as an employee.

  2. So far as questions to ask on the interview, I would want to know exactly how much of the charting you’ll end up doing. Are you writing up just the H&P, or are you entering orders, preparing admissions, etc. I would ask about their training process, and what kind of supervision you’ll have. Other than that, standard interview stuff.

  3. Do a little research, if they say they’re #1 or whatever on their website, go with that.

    Good luck on your interview!

This is great, thanks! The interview went really well