Medical spell check?

I am back in school and having trouble with some of the spelling of the medical terms. Do you guys use a medical spell check? If so what do you recommend? I have used Google for a lot of the terms.


I use a free medical dictionary I found from google (can’t remember name, don’t have my laptop). It has thousands of words, but there is still an issue with capitalization differences causing the word to come up misspelled. Really the only thing I have found to “fix” it is to type everything out, let word highlight a “misspell,” then add to dictionary. It sucks…

There are some dictionaries you can pay for as well. I haven’t found myself having to type many papers that I actually have to turn in, so I just accept the typos.

Good suggestion from Kennymac but I use a program called Spellex and it seems to work great for the terms I use. I haven’t ran into the capitalization issue that Kennymac was talking about.

I use this medical dictionary for MS Office, and I found that it’s fairly complete.