Medical Students Against Torture Facebook group

I would really love to get people from different med schools to join my new Facebook group, “Medical Students Against Torture”. If you are concerned about waterboarding, “aggressive interrogations”, and other human rights issues in the United States and abroad, please check it out, and see if you’d like to add your name or tell a friend.

I wrote up this short mission statement, which, to me, means that unlike doctors in Argentina, the Soviet Union, and other dictatorships, who have over history monitored the progress of interrogations, kept prisoners alive and breathing for torture, and participated by other active and passive means, that I would refuse to do so:

As student physicians, we decry any movement in the United States or abroad toward the advocacy of, participation in, or observation of acts of torture by medical professionals.

When I saw your posting my mind immediately interpreted it as “Medical Students against tortuous exam schedules” or something like that.


Oh heck, I thought you were talking about torture of MEDICAL STUDENTS

You know stuff like the “implicit”, “gunners are here by 4 am so if you want a good grade YOU TOO will be here by 4 am”, or the “PIMP the student loudly and publicly”…