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Hi Everyone,
Does anyone know where I can get relatively inexpensive suture kits in bulk? I'm Pres. of my school's pre med society–and we have a fourth year med student willing to visit our school and teach us to suture. But, we have to buy the suture kits–and so far the one place I found sold them for 75$ for 20 kits. I thought maybe some of you med students might have an idea.
Thanks, Anna

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sorry - no help from me - but you might consider, instead of using surgical sutures, sharps, needle-drivers, and pig’s feet - something like the practice boards used here: Knot-tying Guide

Hi, When I learned to suture (i'm an NP…hopefully pre-med) we used salt pork or fat back. How about contacting Johnson and Johnson or EThicon? You all might have to watch a movie or listen to some pitch about their sutures but they might give you some free stuff (and lunch/snack if you're lucky)

They’ve got a suture kit and you can also get refill kits from them…not sure if they’ll give you a discount though.

Try asking at your local vetrinarian. I have a box of suture sets because the vet I was working with was throwing them out because they had been opened but not used and thus were not sterile. I took them so I could practice not to mention they make convenient sewing kits when your camping, pre-threaded and all. You could also do the same at your local ER I guess given the same logic of open and no longer sterile.