Medical Text books on Kindle?

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows of some good textbooks/study guides to pick up on kindle? I’ve got lots of time to kill at work but carrying those giant text books around is both a pain in the ass, and a little conspicuous.

do a search on amazon. I really do not know.

It may depend on what type of “medical textbook” you are looking for. There are “good” study guides/texts for a wide variety of subjects, so it would be tough to give you a list. I don’t think that there are a lot of texts available in e-reader/kindle format yet, though. I keep hoping that they come out with some soon, though - I need to buy some rather expensive texts in the near future, and I would much rather buy them in e-reader format.

i love my my kindle. I would also be interested. If i find any I will let you know

I have the option of getting a physics text book for $220 new; $120 e-edition with the publisher’s proprietary reader; $80 used or $88 on the Kindle.

I’m leaning toward the Kindle just for the fact of not having to lug a giant text book around. Is having a B&W screen much of an issue?

I have a kindle and purchased one of my textbooks from graduate school on Kindle. It was easy to read on the kindle, but I couldn’t figure out how to flip to a specific page without going through them all one by one. Im sure there is a way, if you could figure that out then it should be great. I really love my kindle.

So far, textbooks on the Kindle haven’t gone over real well.…

Worth a read if you’re thinking about it.

I saw a similar story in the AZ Republic. Didn’t go over well on campus.

I’ve downloaded the free Kindle app on my PC and iPhone and will buy the Kindle version of the text book and the paper version of the solutions manual (physics) because it’s not available in Kindle format. At least with the PC/iPhone, it can be viewed in color. It’s a relatively inexpensive test to see how it works and whether or not I want to go the full Kindle route.

I’d stay away from the kindle for text books for one main reason: Page Numbers. As far as I know a kindle will not display page numbers, just a % of how far your are.

Maybe this isn’t a big deal to some people, but talking to people while referencing a certain page seems to come up fairly often when I’m taking science classes…