Meeting Pre-med advisor tomorrow

My thought is to bring my UG transcripts (3.37 gpa Communications), an outline of my planned coursework, my goals, and my list of questions:
This semester I want to validate my decision by testing whether I can handle the sciences and by getting some clinical experience. I'm starting off with Chem I.
Question: What would be the best sort of clinical experience to pursue right now and can she recommend any contacts for me?
Goal: Summer semester I'll take Chem II in EIGHT WEEKS, which will require a shoehorn (and probably some vacation days) to fit around my work schedule. So that's full. But between semesters, I'd like to spend more time on clinical stuff.
Question: What would be good experience for that time?
Goal: Fall semester I plan to start O-Chem. I also plan to study the MCAT sciences on my own starting now, and ideally take a practice MCAT by the end of December to get an early look at my possible scores. Spring semester I'd finish O-Chem and double up on Bio, plus study for the MCAT, which means quitting my job at the end of January. My husband may or may not be working full-time by then, so it's a very big deal.
Question: Besides grades, clinical experience, and MCAT prep, what else could I look at in December to make the decision to commit to this?
Additional question:
How do LORs work here? Is there a committee, or do I need to gather my own, or do I need to gather my own from instructors to present TO the committee, or OTHER?
Anything else I need to bring up here?

Some other points of possible discussion, in no particular order:
* Are there any specific schools they recommend? Do many graduates go to a specific medical school?
* Some schools have requirements above those of gen chem, orgo, bio and physics. Many schools require a semester of biochemistry, genetics, or upper-level math. Illinois and Michigan State COM require two semesters of psychology. Could this be an issue for any schools you are considering?
* Also be aware that some schools (eg Minnesota and Michigan State COM) require either original recommendation letters, or your recommenders complete school-specific candidate evaluation forms. How are these handled - by the pre-med committee, or by the professors themselves?
* How do they help students prepare and rewrite their personal essays for AMCAS and AACOMAS? Do they help with all the secondary application essays, too?
* Determine the timing for distribution of your letters - do they require two to four weeks, or are they sent in 24 hours? Is there a fee?
* Are there events, workshops and seminars given for pre-health advisees? How do you get on the distribution list?
You might want to give her a copy of your resume or CV, too.
Hope this helps. Good luck.
Susan - Chicago

Thanks, this helped!
At this point, I just wanted to validate my early plans and get contacts for appropriate volunteer or clinical work. I got lots of affirmation that it's theoretically doable, including my planned schedule of classes and the job-quitting decision day.
LORs here are basically a forwarding service, so I'm on my own. This means I will probably volunteer to help with my spouse's research and cozy up to his bio prof (which should help me when I try to get permission take BIO 1 and 2 simultaneously next year). I'll kiss up to my current chem professor. They generally do 24-48 hours on letters but ask for 7-10 days notice just to be sure. COOL!
I learned that the in-state acceptance rate for MCW is about like U-Wisconsin's, which is helpful. And she seemed to think age wasn't a big hairy deal, and has a few non-trads on campus. She just had one non-trad start at MCW this year, though he seems a bit younger than I.