Meeting the deadline for "oldest date of accepted prerequisite coursework"

Hello friends!

So, for anyone who has navigated the MSAR thoroughly, you may recognize that there is a section entitled, “Oldest date prerequisite coursework can be completed.” There are a lot of schools that say none or offer a lot of flexibility (i.e. 10 years), but many say something to this extent:

  • Must have taken six hours within 3 years of matriculation
  • Case-by-case or unavailable
  • No more than three years from last coursework until date of matriculation

What I am struggling with is this: I am a senior taking one extra semester to complete one chemistry class to finish off my second minor. I began taking pre-requisites in Spring 2018 with Gen Chem. I am preparing to graduate in Fall 2021.

Following graduation, I plan to teach in Korea for a year. Then, upon my return, I would apply, interview, and go through the application cycle while working and shadowing.

Very technically speaking, I will have a span of two and a half years between when I graduated and when I would matriculate. Three full years if we want to consider the bulk of my senior science courses.

Is this shooting myself in the foot? I am looking into possible online courses that I could do while in Korea, but many schools also don’t really accept online coursework, which can make this difficult.

Does anyone have any advice? Should I cancel my trip and plans to teach in Korea? I did already invest in a lot towards this trip, but I don’t want it to cost me my medical education.

Thank you!